Gareth Jukes- Chapter 5, Elevation

My name is Gareth Jukes, and I am a freshman at Lake Travis Highschool. I am half American and half British. I am tapping into Spanish this year, and have taken a course last year as well as this year, and travel often. So far I have been to New York, Chicago, Cancun, The Bahamas,  Serento, Italy and Rome, Italy  , London and Mexico. I wish to travel to Spain and Japan. In the near future, I hope to travel more and have better skills with Human Geography. I want to understand different cultures and peoples ways of life.

Chapter 5, Elevation, of the book Maphead, the chapter is about how Lowther Lodge is a fair filled with old and new maps where you can read and study and open your minds eye. It also shows that some people just buy the maps because they look pretty, or because it is a new trend and they want to try it out themselves. Ken Jennings learns that while walking through the fair why some people buy maps, and the types that buy some of them. “Collectors, on the other hand, sniff at the non-aficianados; they don’t really care about maps, they just drive up prices.” (80) Jennings also learns why old maps are popular to the other mapheads. The old maps “combine all sorts of facets of art, history, scarcity, antiquity, intrinsic, interest all into one.” (82) I shows how people love these old maps not because of the ost now, but because of their history as well as the other concepts, not only because it is the map, but it was our thoughts back then that fueled this map. On page 83, Jennings learns that these maps show our past lives like how the british were trying to find Northwest Passage to get to Asia faster, but instead found a whole new continent in which we had developed on.

I personally believe it is downright pitiful that most students of America do not know where countries we are battling are or even their own places are. In this chapter, it showed that some people actually care about maps and would know more about the countries we are at war with than half of the Americans out there. They would probably know that Ukraine is getting invaded by Russia, or ISIS is threatening Syria. I just believe that this is showing that we should at least know where we live, who our countries allies and enemies are at the time, where these countries are located, and where we have originated from. Otherwise, if we went into wars and didn’t know where our enemies were, we could accidentally be firing upon allies, or worse, civillians.

So I believe this chapter (Chapter 5) suits me because it helps me notice that maps have history and help us remember locations, which I always love to know where we originate from and what it was like. Because overall, this chapter showed me that maps aren’t just something that show you paths to take, it is a story within itself, of how they lived, and what the landscape was like, and where they lived and survived. This made me appreciate maps even more.


One thought on “Gareth Jukes- Chapter 5, Elevation

  1. You did a great job covering the things that happened in this chapter and I really liked how you tied in what we’re talking about in class/what’s going on in the world into your summary. I agree that maps can tell a story with their history, but how old do you think a map has to be before it can tell a story?


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