AP Human Geography: Mapheads Chapter 5 Book Review


Hey. I am Zohair Ahmed, a freshman at Lake Travis High School. I had moved to Austin, TX a year ago from Dallas, TX. I was born in St. Louis, Missouri on 9/28/2000. I have been out of the country eight times, and have gone to Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, The Bahamas, and Canada. I speak English, learning Spanish, Arabic (I can read, write, and somewhat speak it), and Urdu (I can speak and understand it). I grew up in Missouri, Ohio, and Texas.

I am reviewing Chapter 5 of Maphead by Ken Jennings. The title of Chapter 5 is Elevation. The focus of this chapter is on older maps and map collectors. Older maps because they “combine all sorts of facets of art, history, scarcity, antiquity, intrinsic interest- all in one.”(82).

“Collectors used to be loyal”(92) Map Collectors now focus on making a good deal rather than finding maps. They…

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One thought on “AP Human Geography: Mapheads Chapter 5 Book Review

  1. I really liked your post and find it sad that it is so easy to steal a map. I think policies and laws should be put into place to make it harder to do that. I can’t believe that the only reason Smiley was caught was because he accidentally dropped a knife. Where in Dallas did you move from? I just moved from Dallas last year too!


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