Scoop It- Sustainable Urban Development


Summary- One city planner in Florida has plants to create the first 100% solar powered city. Also known as the sustainable city, this city will produce a significant amount less of pollution,  have plants everywhere, as well as solar panels as the only form of electricity. The city will contain parks and green areas for social activities.

Insight- This article relates to unit 7 because it shows how new urbanism is being planned for a sustainable future. It also shows the importance of social spaces and green spaces for a healthy living environment.


My Favorite Scoop – Zohair Ahmed

This article shows how GMO’s may save chocolate from becoming sparse and expensive. More and more chocolate lovers are being born in India and China, causing a increasing demand of chocolate. Cocoa trees are plants that bear their fruit 5 to even 10 years after being planted. This long period will not be able to sustain the demand, as more and more cocoa plants are being attacked by diseases and insects. This pushes people to turn to GMO’s to make the cocoa trees resistant to diseases and insects they are being attacked by. GMO’s are a major topic of unit 5.

Unit 5- GMO’s

GMO’s have negative effects as well as benefits, it is just a matter of importance. GMO’s may harm people in the long run, but also may save foods such as chocolate, and may also help achieve MDG goals such as reducing malnutrition. As more and more yield is created by GMO’s, more people will be able to get enough food.

luscious chocolates of Belgium

Gareth Jukes Favorite Scoop

My favorite scoop was this one. In this scoop, it talks about how Germany’s government wants to boost organic farming. It talks about how many people in Germany are hungry for organic foods, but considering the market today, its very hard to live on the money you get from organic foods.

German government to boost organic farming | Ap Hug Scoop-it! |


Interesting Scoop-Emerald Pina


Elastic Woodscraper II

The article talks about a new skyscraper that will  help with climate change,  social alienation, limited resources and urbanization. It was designed by Weingartner Architects. It is said to promise “sustainability, efficiency and social cohesion.”

This is article relates to Unit 7: Cities and Urban Land Use because it shows a solution that will help with overpopulation and a the issue with limited space. This is a solution to better urbanization. Regular sky scrapers today already help a great deal when it comes to space. However, this skyscraper will address a lot more issues. This relates to Unit 7 because you learn how much impact skyscrapers have on urbanization.

Favorite scoop

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This scoop was really enjoyable to watch because this really young little girl knows more geography than me! Her parents taught her the location of all the countries and they ask her to point out certain countries by memory and she has no problem whatsoever. She points them out on a giant map and its really cool to watch because she can barely talk, yet she knows where all the countries are. This relates to Unit 1 because it is basic geography.


Key geographical skills

Unit 1 ∙ Nature and Perspectives of Geography

This scoop is about a little girl named Lilly that is amazing at geography. She can flawlessly point out countries on a world map. Her young age makes this video very shocking. Lilly’s parents ask her where the countries are, and she simply points at them on the map without hesitation.

This video relates to our class because we recently went over world locations. Our summer reading was about how some people have a gift with geography and maps. Lilly clearly has a gift with maps at a young age. I am afraid she knows more than I do!

“Burka Avenger is the Muslim Hero We’ve All Been Waiting for.”

burka avenger

So as everybody that has payed attention in APHUG knows that women aren’t represented well in the Muslim world. A fairly recent cartoon dubbed the “Burka Avenger” is a Pakistani cartoon show that has “flipped the status quo on its head with its female superhero protagonist, who fights crime in her magical burka.”(Natasha Noman) The Burka Avenger is a teacher who fights crime in her spare time with yes, her magical burka. The show launched in August of 2013 and has had extremely high reviews and will hopefully make a change for all of the women in Muslim communities and Muslim’s across the world.

Click bellow for the trailer for the second season:

Altaira Wallquist Favorite Scoop

Altaira Wallquist’s insight:

This article shows a creative idea of a floating farm. It discuses the idea in depth and provided images and plans to give a better impression of the farm and what it can do.

This connects to the TEK on environmental degradation because it proposes a new solution to the soil depletion, drought and pesticides by having it right over the water. It also talks about smart technology to counteract the environment degradation occurring in the world.